The Watsons

Last Saturday, I met up with this gorgeous family, who may I add I am actually related to so I share their genes (lucky me), and we hung out in their downtown Toronto neighbourhood!

We headed to a super cool graffiti alley that the kids just loved. Stella was particularly ready to strut her stuff, and showcase all her fab model faces. :)

After some fun there, we walked to the park. They hung out and played this game where they took turns humming a song and the rest of them had to figure out which song it was. I was impressed to see that even little Gavin knew all the hit songs and did better at that game than I ever would have. Thank goodness I could hide behind my camera!

After fun in the park, we went for ice cream at Hollywood Gelato and oh my gosh guys... this place has THE best gelato in the city… maybe even the continent. Seriously, you've gotta check it out!!