I’ve spoken to enough mothers to know that the first few days, weeks, even months with a new baby can be insane.

A time where sleep is scarce, the days blur together and the only thing that truly matters is keeping your baby safe and healthy. 

While newborn baby photos are adorable and great to have, it may not always be realistic or part of the postnatal plan. 

This was the case for Amanda and Jon who welcomed their daughter Hannah in a home birth last September.

As the weeks and months passed and they started to see Hannah's cute little personality shine through, they knew that this was a time they had to have captured.

Hannah loves to make funny faces, laugh at her Dad, and eat her Mom’s amazing cooking. I was lucky enough to capture these cuties at this fun time for their little family. 

When Amanda and I planned the session together, we talked about the things they love to do together, the special bond Hannah has with Jon and that the most important thing to them was to capture them being their silly happy selves.

We decided to head to the library where Hannah could explore the book shelves and read stories with mom and dad, one of her favourite things to do. And then headed outside to enjoy the nice weather where Hannah took every opportunity to eat the grass, dirt and flowers. :)

Best of all, the morning was filled with lots of laughs and family fun. We got some great shots and it made my day to see that one of them is already in a frame in their clinic, Beatty Naturopathic.