Newborn Family Portraits

Newborn sessions are extra special and unique.

People always ask when the best time to do newborn photos are and my response is always the same. As soon as YOU’RE ready. These are lifestyle photos, not studio posed shots, so the baby doesn’t have to be sleeping the whole time.

I personally wasn’t ready for photos until Jude was almost 6 months. Other moms are ready after 5 days. It’s completely flexible.

There is always lots of time for breaks, feeds, changes etc. And siblings are always welcome!


The Underhills

Dalene says that being a mom is both the best and most challenging job she's ever had.

Before she and her husband Warren had their first child (Lucas, now 3), they prepared as much as any two people could. Still, nothing could have prepared them for the amount of love they felt,  as well as the highs and lows they experienced.

Since they welcomed the newest member of their family Brooke 7 months ago, there seem to be even fewer hours in the day but Dalene says being able to watch her kids develop their own little personalities make the long days and nights worth it. She also admits that she loves being able to “twin” with her kids by dressing them all in matching outfits, and hopes they don't hold it against her in the future! ;)

She's been told on several occasions that “all parents screw up their kids in some way, try not to feel guilty about every decision or mistake”. But admits her "mom guilt" has doubled since having her second baby, and says that she just tries to be a good person, so that one day they'll grow up to be good people as well.  At the end of the day, like all parents, she says they're doing the best they can and just want their kids to feel loved and to be happy. 

I for one can say, that the love they share is so evident, and I now have the photos that prove it :)


Tara + Geoff

Tara and Geoff are about a month away from meeting their baby and you can just feel their excitement! Tara cannot wait to meet her little boy, but is equally as excited to see Geoff with him for the first time. That is something she is most looking forward to, which shows you the amount of love these two share. 

Tara has felt amazing through her entire pregnancy and has been able to enjoy every moment. But while she's been lucky and feeling great, she's a bit nervous about not knowing what childbirth or recovery will be like for her. Hopefully it will be as smooth as the pregnancy... but either way I know she'll handle it like a champ!

Tara told me that maternity photos were important for her because she has been amazed by how much her body has changed. She also wanted to document what has been such a wonderful time in her life so that she can look back on it forever. I could not have felt more honoured to be the one to capture these memories for them and if their love for each other, as well as their beautiful dog Stan, is any indication of the kind of parents they'll be, it's safe to say they're little boy is very lucky. :)