Learn to shoot in Manual like a PRO.

6-Week Beginner Photography Course

Everything from camera set-up, to editing, to shooting in manual (no more auto!).

The course will run one day a week on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 7-9 pm at Brock St Espresso in Whitby.


June 18/19, 25/26, July 2/3, 9/10, 16/17, 23/24

The course ends with a gallery show, where you will showcase one of the images taken in the course, and celebrate with family & friends.

Aug 7 is the tentative gallery date.


Sarah’s course definitely took learning photography to a new level for me. Now, I can proudly say that I am able to create creative images rather than just ordinary snapshots.

Her teaching style was fun, interactive and authentic. I loved every session with Sarah as she always managed to make the most of our time together. I felt comfortable asking questions that I had always felt intimidated to ask professional photographers. There are no secrets with Sarah....she’s an open book!

She taught me everything from the very basics of understanding shooting modes, to the most important aspect of photography...LIGHTING!
Shooting without a flash was key to making my photos look different.

She is definitely passionate about empowering women in any aspect of photography whether it’s helping you navigate on how to use your DSLR, focus, composition, working with clients, launching your own business, learning editing or just wanting to share her knowledge on how to take simple , bright, beautiful candid photos.

I really enjoyed Sarah’s teaching approach as she gave me her honest, expert opinions on my work and helped simplify exactly what I needed to do to make my photos look professional. Key note - simplifying made everything so much easier and less stressful when shooting. 

She encouraged me and helped give me the confidence I was lacking. I appreciated all of Sarah’s advice and would 110% jump on the opportunity again to learn from a cool talented pro like her.

  • Carolyn

Last summer, I had the absolute pleasure of learning how to use my DSLR camera from Sarah. Not only is she incredibly talented at what she does, but she is one of the kindest, most genuine people I have ever met. She was so welcoming and made the entire experience such a joy for me. She answered all my questions and showed me how to take my camera from automatic to manual mode with such ease. I would absolutely recommend anyone who is interested in learning more about their camera to take The beginners course! She is the absolute best! 

  • Lindsay

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is it located?

Brock St Espresso downtown Whitby

Do I need a DSLR?

Yes you do as there will be assignments each week. If you don’t have one yet, see if you can borrow one from a friend or family member :)

What is the cost?

The course is $447 which includes the gallery show.

What if I miss a week?

I will send you the weeks materials and assignment and walk you through whatever you missed.

Will you offer more courses in the summer?

Absolutely! I have a wait list for the fall session, so let me know if you’d like to be added.

Do you have online courses?

This is in the works and I hope to have it launch in the fall.

Will you teach editing?

We will definitely cover editing and post-processing, and even some instagram tips and tricks :)

Course Schedule

Week 1

Camera set-up, all about light and the exposure triangle

Week 2

Exposure triangle continued and Composition

Week 3

Focus and Shutter speed/capturing motion

Week 4

Shooting in Manual

Week 5

Equipment and Editing

Week 6

Final review and gallery planning

Aug 4 - Gallery Show

Summer Course

Please email to sign up (spaces are limited - 10 per class)

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