5 Back-to-School Photo Tips!

Back-to-school is an exciting time of year, and a milestone that every parent wants documented.

Here are a few different tips and ideas of photos you can capture on their first day.

  1. Use a Chalk Board Prop

I typically use very few props, as I prefer to capture more natural real-life moments, however when it comes to back-to-school photos - I absolutely love the chalk board trend!

Reading what kids want to be when they grow up is always the cutest!

Most photos like this are taken on the porch, but by bringing Claire down to the grass, you are able to get some depth of field (back ground blur) by focusing on her. I had an f-stop of 2.8 for this shot - for my DSLR users :)

I also had Claire write her name on a small chalk board to showcase her skills. You can get these mini chalk boards at the Dollar Store or Wal-Mart. Bonus TIP: Get a chalk pen, to make it easier to fill out the boards.

You’ll see another fun way we used the chalk board in a later photos.


2. Capture their daily routine

Whether it’s walking to school, catching the bus, or eating cereal in the morning. These moments are precious and worth documenting.


3. Showcase their back-to-school outfit

Who doesn’t love a new back-to-school outfit and getting to use your new backpack for the first time? Bonus points for parents who let their kids choose their own outfit!

Get low and make sure you take these photos at eye-level :)


4. Take photos of them at school

If you have the chance to take them to school on the first day (or even before), it’s great to get pictures of them with the school in the background.

It’s all part of telling the story.


5. Ask someone to take a family photo for you

As always, make sure you are showing up in the photos! Ask someone to take a photo of you and your kiddos and then offer to do the same for them :)


I can’t wait to see your first-day-of-school photos!

Please like or comment below if this was helpful to you. I hope you have a great rest of the summer!