8 Birthday Photos Not to Miss

Planning and executing a birthday party is a huge undertaking so I’m sure the last thing on your mind are the photos you need to capture. But these special occasions deserve to be documented, and not just one quick photo of your son or daughter eating cake or opening presents. It’s important to capture the images that tell the whole story.

These are the photos your kids will look back on one day with a smile, laugh or tear.


If you have a plan, it won’t seem overwhelming and I’ve broken these down into photos you can capture before the party starts and the ones you should remember to capture as the party is happening.

Here are 8 photos not to miss at your child’s next birthday party.


Before the party starts:

1.   The outfit

I remember exactly what I was wearing at many of my childhood birthdays because of the photos. I look back and find some of the outfits so adorable, and others so awkward that I have no choice but to tease my Mom for allowing me to wear such an outfit!

I’m sure you’re little one is going to look fabulous, so make sure you get a shot of he or she in her outfit before the party starts.

Even if it's a candid photo of them playing like this one. Cameron didn't want to wear her pretty shoes, she wanted to put on her sneakers and play soccer in the yard before her guests arrived and I love how it completely shows her girly yet tomboy personality :)


2.   Sentimental details / decorations

I love when moms incorporate sentimental details like photos into the event or décor. This takes a lot of time and effort, so be sure to take photos of your hard work.


3.   The cake

Of course the cake is the main event of most birthday parties – so be sure to capture a photo of the cake before everyone dives in.


During the party:

4.   Blowing out the candles

This is always the Kodak moment of any birthday party and never gets old. You obviously have to get that money shot of the candles being blown out.


5.   Eating the cake

This is mostly the case for younger kids, particularly the first birthday which is always an entertaining moment.


6.   With loved ones or friends

The people who are at the party are a big part of the story.

I love looking back at photos of my childhood birthday parties and remembering the friends I used to play with but don’t see anymore, or seeing friends who were there who are still there today. It’s pretty special.  


7.   A shot with you / family shot

Moms always forget to get in the photos. Even though you’re busy with ensuring everyone is taken care of and entertained, you have to make sure you get into at least one photo. Make sure you ask someone to take a photo of you with your babe, or the whole fam. 


8.   Birdseye view of the party

These candid photos taken from afar are always great and really show the feel of the event. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular or over thought, just stand back and take a few photos as everyone enjoy themselves. :)


If you don’t feel like you’re going to have time to take some of these, ask a friend or family member to take them for you. They don’t have to be perfect, but having these 8 different photos will really help you tell the story of your little one’s special day.