6 Unexpected Reasons to get a DSLR

There are tons of technical reasons why owning a DSLR camera is a great thing, such as “better photo quality” or “flexibility with settings”, but above and beyond those obvious reasons, there are a ton of others!

6 Unexpected Reasons.jpg

Here are 6 unexpected reasons I think you should get a DSLR if you don’t already have one:

1.   You preserve memories

Is there really any other reason needed?

Time goes by way too quickly, especially for parents. I’m sure every mom has wished that they could freeze or slow time because their kids just seem to be growing up way too fast. Since we can’t, being able to capture these moments through photography is a way to preserve memories so that we can look back and remember them fondly. This is not only something you’ll love to look back on, but important for your kids who will one day cherish the photos of their childhood.

It’s never too early or too late to start preserving the beautiful memories you and your family are making.

2.   You’re more intentional about the photos you take

Remember back in the days of film cameras when there were 24 shots on a roll, so if you were going to an event, you’d make sure to get the best 24 shots you could? You wouldn’t take 15 of the same thing, you’d take one and hope for the best. Because you had a limited number of photos, you’d put more thought and intention into the photos you chose to take. Nowadays it’s so different with digital photography because we are able to take hundreds of photos at one event. While this is convenient, I think it also takes away the thoughtfulness that goes into taking a photograph and we may not get the same quality of photos.

That’s one thing I love about bringing my DSLR with me. When I know I have it, I am more thoughtful about the photos I want to take. I set it to the side, and then enjoy myself while keeping my eye out for moments I think would be great to capture.

3.   It gives you a creative outlet

Using the creative part of our brains is something that can get difficult when we are balancing a million things at once. For anyone who enjoys being creative, photography is an amazing way to have a creative outlet, while enjoying our day-to-day activities AND reaping all the other benefits, many of which are listed in this post. J

You don’t necessarily have to take photos of your kids, you can take photos of nature, your home or whatever interests you or catches your eye. This also leads me to my next point…

4.   You’ll see beauty in things you didn’t before

Once you learn the basics of photography and how to use your DSLR, you’ll start to look at things differently. You’ll see beauty in things you may not have before. You’ll have an appreciation for good lighting, certain colours or find yourself looking at a scene as if through your lens. You’ll notice the small curls of your daughters hair, or the way the sun hits your sons face as he’s eating dinner.

This is something I love about photography, I feel like I see beauty in things that I wouldn’t have noticed before.

5.   You can put your phone away

Having a phone connected to our camera is handy in many situations, however there are times it’s important to put the phone away.

When we have our phone in our hands, we’ll end up checking texts coming in or even hopping on our email, Facebook or Instagram out of habit. I always feel rude having my phone out when in social situations so being able to keep it in my purse and just have my camera handy for photos is really nice.

6.   You’re more likely to print them off

This one is still a challenge and something I myself need to get better at. I wish I printed off more photos or made more albums and vow to do so as soon as we have kids. But the reality is, when your photos are only on your phone, they’re mixed in with a bunch of random photos of who knows what, and you’re less likely to load them onto the computer to create albums or prints.

With a DSLR, the only way to share and enjoy these photos is by uploading them to your computer. Once they’re there, it’s much easier to send through to the print center or put onto a USB to take in for printing. It’s also great to have them all in one place, so that at the end of a year or end of a trip, you can sit down, pull out your favourites and make an album on Shutterfly or whichever album printing company you use. :)

So have I convinced you yet? :)

One other thing I want to say is that if you do make the leap, don’t worry about getting a camera bag! It’s our instinct to want to protect the camera, however when your camera is safely tucked away in your big camera bag, you’re less likely to have it handy when you need it. I don’t use a camera bag but instead toss it right into my purse whenever I’m going anywhere I think I may want to take photos.

Do you have any unexpected reasons to add to the list?