5 Tips for Parents before their Family Photoshoot

You’ve scheduled a photoshoot and are excited to finally get some professional photos of your family, YAY! But, quickly you begin to worry what everyone will wear, how the kids will behave, and that you’re going to feel awkward in front of the camera. Well, I’m here to tell you that you have nothing to worry about.

Here are my five tips for getting the most out of your family photo shoot, with the least amount of stress possible. 

1. Plan but don’t worry about your outfits

Planning the family’s wardrobe for the photoshoot doesn’t have to be stressful. The key is that everyone is comfortable and dressed for the weather.

Coordinating but not matching looks much more natural so I always recommend neutrals and blues or light colors as they tend to match well. At the end of the day though, it's the emotions, relationships and moments captured that matter, so don't worry too much, you'll all look great!

2. Relax and eat before the session

Making sure everyone is rested and has a full belly for the session is important. Nothing kills a session quicker than being over tired of having a case of “hanger”. 

3. Bring snacks and toys

If the kids are getting tired and needing a break, it’s great to have snack and drinks ready for them to recharge before getting back to the session. It’s always okay to take a quick break if it’s needed.

You may always want to bring a few of their favorite toys or books to help distract them if they’re losing interest. What’s a game, activity or book you enjoy together regularly. Having that captured is always a special memory, and also a great way to engage and distract the kids.

4. Bribery is key

Okay maybe it’s not the best parenting advice, but you can’t say it doesn’t work! Incentivizing (sounds better) your kids with a treat or activity that they love at the end of the session is a sure-fire way to get them to cooperate for the photos.

5. Have fun!

Often times parents are talking to their kids or worrying about how they’re acting, that when a great photo opportunity happens, the parents aren’t smiling in the photo. Try not to worry about what your kids are doing, just interact with them in a fun, loving way, with a smile on your face and the photos will turn out great.

Don’t be afraid to laugh, joke, snuggle, kiss or play. Be yourselves, and enjoy the session and family time and your personalities and love will shine through the photos.

Think of your family photoshoot as a fun outing with your family that is going to be captured. Don’t sweat the small stuff and the photos will turn out wonderfully. At the end of the day, it’s not about the perfect photo, but about capturing the love and personalities of your family.